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The official Pokémon Website in Vietnam
Kết quả bình chọn “Giải thưởng Pokémon châu Á yêu thích của tôi” được thông báo chính thức!
rò chơi
Pokémon huyền ảo Zeraora vừa được ra mắt trong Pokémon Ultra Sun và Pokémon Ultra Moon!
Pokémon Legends
Pokemon Legends is completely browser based using the latest browser technology, No Download Required.Tournaments are automated! There are various tournaments which begin every hour, as long as enough people are in the Arena to participate. Different tournaments have different level restrictions. Prizes include Shiny Pokemon!
Pokemon Rise
Pokemon Rise StorylineYou arrive at a new region at the request of the prestigious Pokemon Professor Aspen to help in his endeavours to better understand the Pokemon World.Prof. Aspen needs your help to capture samples of each species of Pokemon which inhabit the vast region.In recent years, Pokemon Trainers within the Region have been banding together forming Clans which then war over the local Pokemon Gyms. Clan Members each lend a Pokemon from their Team to a captured Gym to help defend off rival clans.You as a eager young Pokemon Trainer have chosen to embark upon the quest to Catch Em All and assist Prof. Aspen in his research. Who knows, Maybe you will also conquer the Gyms across the region and create the best Pokemon Clan in the World!
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